WPU September 2017


WPU September 2017

We would like to thank the architect Felicia Lamanuzzi for inviting us to participate in the 3rd edition of the Urban Design Workshop held in Rovio this week. We also thank all her team of atelier coordinators: arch. Roberto Russo, arch. Allegra Lucrezia Bonamore and arch. Simone Cattoni.

“The Urban Design Workshop promoted by the Felicia Lamanuzzi architecture studio, like the architecture produced, reveals its constant attention to the recovery of a way of living cities to the human dimension and not just the automobile.
It is intended as an intensive design laboratory on an urban and architectural scale, therefore an open opportunity for discussion and analysis of issues related to urban living, the redevelopment and development of residual areas in an interdisciplinary way, experimenting with their potential as generators of urban quality.
Starting from the analysis of places in their social and territorial dynamics, the workshop wants to verify the validity of this method against the widespread territorial planning based on the logic of building quantities, generally regardless of the qualitative aspect that those numbers will generate.
The main objective is to understand the social variables that affect the election of a place as a public space, therefore lived, spontaneously frequented, travelled, inhabited and to develop design proposals that, based on those, transform anonymous spaces into animated places, for people, meeting points, where to share values ​​and celebrate the “rite of urbanity”. ”

Photo www.giada.ch

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