Es war einmal – Huttwil

To accord sustainability with the building of a pedagogical contemporary space, both comfortable and functional, but also capable of interacting with the emotional sphere of its young users, within the urban fabric and the surrounding landscape: the project for the double kindergarten in Huttwil takes its premises from these targets. The proposal finds its strength in the intensification of the relation between the natural topography of the site and the new volumes’ system, as well as in its construction speed and ecological realization. The research for its design, focused in building at first an internal and external atmosphere and only after that a building, lead the project towards constructive, technical and material choices of great formal rigor. The future realization of the new double kindergarten in Huttwil is therefore understood as a possibility for the community to acquire a new public building of great environmental, architectural and social value. The balance between the natural environment and what built elements, as that between preexisting and new, together with all urban, architectural, landscaping, technical, material and ecological choices, aims in reflecting in the constructed architecture that idea of “primordial”, of the school seen as a mirror for the growth and evolution of the society.

Year: 2017
Location: Huttwil, Switzerland

Municipal kindergarten, Huttwil

Design: Klingenberg Arkitektur

Architect: Bjorn Klingenberg

Team: Deborah Marucci – Nicolò Sannino – Luca Bolzoni – Sara de Biase – Alessia Tognini – Francesca Contini – Paola Paravati

Collaboration: Figuereido Pellegrini Paesaggisti

Render: Klingenberg Services

Type: Public competition

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