Luciole – Broc

When we visited the project site for the first time, we were struck by the way environmental levels blended in Broc and by how the topological organization influenced the perception of space, as much as the architecture of a single building or the majestic appearance of an isolated tree in the plain. The distinctive element of the place lies in its dense network of relations: the chapel of Notre Dame, the Chateau d’en Bas and the bourg de Gruyères, which dialogue as actors with the mountain groups, the river with its wooded bank and its crossings, the built limit of the village. The new double hall gets combined in this system of relations, searching for its own role through the simplicity of its architectural features and its transparency. Like a firefly, the white and ethereal volume lights up as the sun goes down to become a garrison and a symbol of the presence of man in the plain. In the same way we investigated the composition of the soil and the arboreal elements: a slight difference in height, like a soft rope facing the bell tower of the Chateau, builds a natural base to the building that protects it from flooding and emphasizes its centrality. The density of the trees, the connections between the altitudes and the disposition of the playgrounds draw a fluid and continuous space, which privileges visual relationships and enhances different moments in the life of the sports center. This principle is also reflected in the organization of spaces and paths, which adhere to a model of rationality, quality in the experience of space and building sustainability. A regular lamellar wood structure, with a half-timbered roof, and the widespread use of wood in the interior areas make the space more welcoming and domestic and leave to light the protagonist’s role. It filters through the translucent polycarbonate walls or draws abstract geometries on the ground with large canon à lumière: light, the matter of construction of geographical and architectural space.

Year: 2017
Location: Broc, Switzerland

New municipal gym and sport centre, Broc

Design: Klingenberg Arkitektur

Architect: Bjorn Klingenberg

Team: Claudia Angelozzi – Andrea Intini – Selene Manta – Deborah Marucci – Nicolò Sannino – Paolo Tutone 
Collaboration: Teresa Figueredo e Pellegrini Paesaggisti, B&C Ingegneri associati
Render: Klingenberg Services
Category: Public competition

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