Prototype overpass ANAS – Treviso

The structure simultaneously searches for an efficient design, modularity and flexibility of use, basing on the same design principle, not univocal and definitive. The junction detail between the structure and the infill panels (besides not creating any dangerous interference for users), makes each element free from the following one and able to accommodate 4 varied materials: safety glass, stainless steel or thermo-lacquered mesh, sound-absorbing panels and photo-voltaic panels. The struts with three different deformations (imagined in Corten or thermo lacquered steel), the panels in 4 materials multiplied by three measures which create in the width dimension a large chessboard of possibilities for combining the barrier, modifying its nature as a static component of a dynamic and adaptive overpass element, respecting the environment and the context. In terms of environmental sustainability, the proposal of the metal profile allows the element to be replicable in series, lowering the cost and the energy impact of production, optimizing the structure with its design and reducing the metal profiles section to the minimum.

Year: 2015
Location: Treviso, Italia

Prototipo di cavalcavia autostradale ANAS

Project: Klingenberg Arkitektur

Architect: Bjorn Klingenberg

Collaboration: PROAP Italia – Piacentini Ingegneria

Render: Klingenberg Services

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