Riva lago Paradiso – Lugano

The project of the redevelopment of Paradiso’s lake shore has two priority objectives: firstly to redefine the “feet” of the mountain wich touches the lake and measure the various levels of water; secondly to transform the cantonal road from the pier to the municipal pools in a public space capable of uniting the urban fabric of the upstream part of the area with the lake part, and the upgrading of all pedestrian and cycle paths. Given the peculiarity and specificity of the different stretches of the lake shore, the project proposes interventions capable of enhancing the conditions of diversity between the areas, corroborating the complexity of the existing land-water relationship. With these assumptions, the project is divided into four principal areas: the landing stage with the public gardens, the floating walkway, the new main access door to Paradiso, the lakeside resort with the car park and the port.

Year: 2016
Location: Paradiso, Switzerland

Mandate of parallel study for the redevelopment of Paradiso’s lake Shore, Switzerland

Project: Michele Arnaboldi Architetti – PROAP Portogallo – AF TOSCANO Engineering

Architect: Michele Arnaboldi – Joao Nunes

Graphic representation: Klingenberg Arkitektur

Team: Paolo d’Alessandro
Collaboration: PROAP Portogallo
Model: Michele Arnaboldi Architetti

Render: Michele Arnaboldi Architetti – PROAP Portogallo
Type: Mandate of parallel study

Client: Comune di Paradiso – Canton Ticino

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