Vis à vis – Morges

The plant and architecture of the new multifunctional center of Beausobre V results from a multi-level reading of the project site, of its peculiar characteristics and relations with the surrounding area. The profound link between the landscape and the structures built in Morges forced the development of an integrated system, in which the planimetric and topographic location, the organization of space and the image of the buildings are repeatedly connected. The new structure completes the system of open spaces and the cluster of existing buildings, enhancing the fluid and anisotropic character of these spaces, rereading their language. The metallic structure of the roof, the use of flat and modular elements in the façades, the construction details take up and develop architectural themes already present in this area; the result is a building with a strong recognition and public vocation: a new, dynamic, plural and adaptive space for the entire Morges community.

Year: 2017
Location: Morges, Switzerland

New multifunctional center of Beausobre V – Morges

Design: Klingenberg Arkitektur

Architect: Bjorn Klingenberg

Team: Deborah Marucci – Nicolò Sannino – Luca Bolzoni – Sara de Biase – Alessia Tognini – Francesca Contini – Paola Paravati

Render: Klingenberg Services

Category: Public competition

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