Zwillinge – Wiesenau

The two separate interventions planned through this project contribute in defining a new image for the Wiesenau school complex and to reinforce its urban, environmental and landscape characteristics. The two volumes, which consist in the expansion of the primary school and the new kindergarten, are harmonized through coherent architectural features and a precise planimetric relationship. While the primary school extension aims in updating the activity program of the pre-existing building through flexible and differentiated spaces, the new kindergarten of Wiesenau shows an architectural expression and a structural rationality typical of the construction in the 70s. The nursery school seeks through clear plants and sections a silent teaching space, at the same time able in making the interior rooms to interact with the surrounding landscape. At this purpose, the outdoor space has also been redesigned: new cherry and trees alternate with shelters and covered paths, while the garden is reorganized through lawn areas, borders made of bulbs and herbaceous, large mineral and sunlit areas.

Year: 2017
Location: Wiesenau, Switzerland

Expansion of the primary school and the new kindergarten – Wiesenau

Project: Klingenberg Arkitektur

Architect: Bjorn Klingenberg

Team: Deborah Marucci – Nicolò Sannino – Luca Bolzoni – Sara de Biase – Alessia Tognini – Francesca Contini – Paola Paravati

Render: Alessandro Armellini

Model: KA Architettura e Servizi

Type: Public competition

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