Temporary turist accomodation – Marsala’s salt flats

The concept of “architectural reuse” in this project is applied in its extended sense at the territory. The landscape from the park of Saline di Marsala on the west coast of Sicily appears today as a waiting landscape, where the human exploitation has drawn geometric forms and microtopographies that have deeply modified, with the passing of time, the territory in its genetic matrix. From the reading of this mutation, the project for three temporary accomodations inside the park of the Saline, results as the materialization of the intention to build a profoundly emotional architectural space. Architecture conceived as an hypogaeum space of passage appears capable of interacting with the sensitivity of its users and simultaneously with the dynamics of the territory.

Year: 2013
Location: Marsala, Italy

Temporary turist accomodation at the Marsala’s salt flats, Sicily

Design: Klingenberg Arkitektur

Architect: Bjorn Klingenberg

Collaboration: Manuel Aires Mateus – Francisco Aires Mateus
Model: Klingenberg Services
Status: Preliminary project

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